A bathroom makeover doesn’t necessarily require a ton of cash. A little creativity and a little help from the experts can go a long way in improving your bathroom space. Consider it as your private getaway. Not only is it a space that is used every day, but it also carries a significant resale value. Unfortunately, plumbing and fixture design date a room like parked cars in a snap shot. Updating plumbing, lighting, fixtures and surfaces bring an exhilarating feel to your home and improve its resale value at the same time. The designers at All American Kitchens & Baths in Rockford, IL, can help you select affordable revisions to make your dream house come alive. Some items to discuss with the All American Kitchens & Baths team: Bathroom design


  • In powder rooms for your guests, consider privacy and ease of access. You don’t want the powder room right next to the dining room or eating area. A short jaunt down a small hallway gives your guests a buffer from the entertaining area. For your family, consider how the muddy boots can be minimized by having the powder room close to the outdoor entry. It can serve as a mudroom.
  • Unfortunately the plumbing in bathrooms make noise. When placing your full bath near the bedrooms, avoid placing it directly behind the headboard. Closets should be as far way as possible from the steamy atmosphere of a bath. Clothes generally do not like moist air.
  • When considering price in a two-story, placing bathrooms one above another reduces plumbing installation costs.


  • Consider a small bath requires about 30 square feet. A space that measures 5 by 9 feet is sufficient for a full bath.
  • According to local building codes, certain minimum clearances will be required. So many inches of clear space in front of the toilet or 4 inches between a sink basin and the wall are common. Your All American Kitchens & Baths designer will consider both local and national codes.
  • You should consider how you function when selecting fixtures and amenities for your baths. How will you use your new bath? Your All American Kitchens & Baths designer will ask a series of questions to aid in determining fixture types and placement.


  • Generally, electric and water don’t mix well. Your All American Kitchens & Baths designer will specify proper electrical outlets to safely use your appliances.
  • Lighting can help make your space more enjoyable. There are thousands of fixtures to choose from ornate to streamlined.


  • If you don’t like to clean, consider a low-maintenance bath high on your list of priorities. Finishes, fixtures, sinks and cabinet doors all have low maintenance options. Our showroom features a large selection of door fronts in the area to help you decide. For easy floor sweeping and mopping, consider a wall mounted vanity raised off the floor for access.
  • Choosing traditional colors for your fixtures will keep your bathroom from looking dated too quickly. Use trendy colors in walls and accessories, things that can be easily changed to keep your space updated.


  • Don’t forget a place for the items you use daily. How much storage do you need to keep your space uncluttered?
  • Consider the area between the studs of your bathroom walls. With shallow cabinets you can still have 8 inches of storage.

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